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Michigan Web Design Firm's CEO Gives Presentation At WordPress Event

Posted on: January 3, 2013 |
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Ross Johnson, the CEO of a Michigan web design firm, gave a presentation entitled, “The Overlap of Emotion and Usability” at a WordPress event earlier this year. The 2012 WordCamp was held in Grand Rapids, Michigan at Grand Valley State University, and took place on the eighteenth and nineteenth of August. 

WordCamps are informal, community-organized events that are put together by WordPress users in an effort to share ideas, and network with similar WordPress enthusiasts. The events began in 2006, with the first WordCamp being organized in San Francisco. Each WordCamp is unique due to the fact that the organizers, speakers, and attendees vary from event to event. Each WordCamp is designed with the intention of updating WordPress users on new information regarding the free personal publishing software. The seminar generally consists of sessions describing how to use WordPress more effectively, beginning plug-in & theme development, advanced techniques, and security. Currently, there have been 207 WordCamps held in 116 cities, 38 countries, and 6 continents. 

Ross Johnson delivered his presentation the first day of the event, August  18, 2012. The presentation contained information concerning the correlation between emotion and usability; combined with demonstrations on how to design themes and websites that are emotionally engaging and intuitively usable; resulting in the utmost compelling user experience possible. Ross stated at the beginning of his session that, “emotion is actually the most important part of usability; because emotion is the root of all behavior, how one feels ultimately determines what they will or won’t do on a website.” 

Ross Johnson founded 3.7 Designs in 2005, a Michigan website design company located in downtown Ann Arbor. Three Point Seven Designs aids organizations (locally and worldwide) in website design, mobile design, search engine optimization, graphic design, and digital marketing. Additional services consist of establishing an online presence, branding, and a variety of content management solutions. It does not confine itself to a single style, industry, or context; an example of this can be seen by viewing its portfolio of past projects. Previous clients include AnnArbor.com, The Digital Bus, Michigan State University and Partners for Transit.

For more information on WordCamp, visit their website at http://central.wordcamp.org/. For more information on 3.7 Designs, visit their website at http://3.7designs.co/; or contact them by telephone at (734) 531-9737 and online at http://3.7designs.co/contact/.

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