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Website launched for Indian cultural organization, Nadanta

Posted on: August 6, 2013 |
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3.7 DESIGNS provided Nadanta with a comprehensive and visually expressive WordPress site intended to provide information about the organization, keep site visitors and members up to date on events and news, and allow people to get involved with the organization. The site’s home page features a slideshow banner with photos from their many performances, as well as an excerpt from a rave review by the Detroit Free Press.


Nadanta is a non-profit organization created to preserve, promote and present the culture of the Indian subcontinent through the universal language of dance. Over the last quarter century, Nadanta’s performers have revealed the beauty and diversity of Indian culture to audiences across North America and around the world. Their primary emphasis is on young people, with whom they work to preserve the traditions and values of ancient Indian culture, but their outreach includes everyone who appreciates the timeless beauty of the dancer’s art. Nadanta’s performers embrace the full spectrum of Indian dance, from the elegance and color of classical and folk pieces to the thoroughly contemporary expression of modern creative choreography.


“What’s so inspiring about Nadanta is their success, not only in their community outreach and efforts to promote Indian culture, but also in the artistry and beauty of their stage shows,” says our Design Strategist and CEO, Lyndsay Dusek.