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Website Launched for Law.com and HP Autonomy

Posted on: July 2, 2013 |
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We were hired by ALM and Law.com to make an HP Autonomy microsite. Whereas ALM is the biggest provider of law-related online properties (best known for Law.com) and HP Autonomy that offers excellent technology for eDiscovery research.

HP Autonomy deals with all the stages of the lifecycle of an eDiscovery, across the total EDRM (Electronic Discovery Reference Model) one after the other. Service providers, compliance officers, corporate counsel and law firms alike make use of HP Autonomy tool in order to alleviate the risks and unnecessary costs related to dealing with multi-lingual discoveries, multi-party cases and client date entry. Provided as SaaS (software as a service), certified software, as a piece of equipment, as a hybrid tool, the services and software of HP Autonomy are operational at the largest law firms, securities firms, proactive information authority, litigation, investigation regulators and global organizations all over the world.

A certain organization can save almost 60 percent on traditional eDiscovery prices using HP Autonomy tools in order to quickly know and recognize important issues, evaluate the merits of a specific case and put different files in order into prioritized review collections. The built-in conceptual analytics, technology-assisted review, visual displays, auto-categorization and clustering of HP Autonomy set it apart by noticeably accelerating the classification of non-linear review, relevant ESI preservation and key custodians.

“It was great working with ALM and HP Autonomy. They are both forward thinking companies with a strong awareness of user experience and digital marketing. There was great collaboration which has lead to a successful digital property.”

We provided a WordPress content management system that was designed to look like their existing web properties. It included custom functionality to aggregate content, capture and track leads, display events, and publish promotions. 

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