3.7 DESIGNS - Web Consultancy

Focused and methodical with a wink and a smile 😉

Our process is designed to identify and achieve goals. We incorporate our tailored strategies at every stage to ensure we’ve arrived at the best solution. We aren’t order-takers—we’ll give you our expert two cents and guidance along the way.


We can’t pretend our process fits into a neat little circular diagram. We embrace the overlapping and fluid efforts of every stage. While we are defining the design problem we are already developing a strategy. While we are building your website we continue to refine the design.


Our projects are book-ended by reviewing key performance indicators. We want to know performance before and after campaigns. By measuring results we can continually improve efforts, leading to continual success.



Discover & Define

Designing the right solution requires understanding the root problem and all the factors that go into it. All projects begin with a rigorous discovery phase.


Design without strategy isn’t really design. We consider all aspects of the project including goals, target market, viability, technological constraints, and desirability. All of our efforts are calculated, strategic, and intentional.


With a strategy in place we can begin the design process. We take an iterative and collaborative approach where dozens of ideas are considered before a final solution is fleshed out.

Build / Implement

As we finish designing a bulk of the solution, we begin building and implementing the campaign (be it website, printed material or campaign.) Before launch, we review our work and do a final polish ensuring every project is the best we’ve ever delivered.