3.7 DESIGNS - Web Consultancy

Providing Creative Web Design to Smart Companies

Design is more than making things pretty. Websites should be functional, reliable, usable, and emotionally engaging. Our design process is structured to hit all of these marks. We use creativity and logic for unique and practical design solutions.

We’ve been providing innovative website design from Michigan since 2005. Since then we’ve been fortunate enough to work for clients of all sizes and projects of all types. From fortune 500 international companies to VC funded startups. If you’re in need of web-design help, contact us and we’ll see if we’re a good fit. We also provide complete website evaluations to help identify objectives and weaknesses in existing websites.

Our approach to web design

You can’t reach a destination without first knowing where you want to go. We begin all projects by defining goals for both the users and organization decision makers. We also identify the reasons your current website might not be performing to its full potential—whether that be from a front-end design, user experience, or information architecture standpoint. These insights allow us to better understand your business so we can recommend which solutions will net you the best results.

The rest of our approach is fueled by this initial strategy, we design, develop, and test to make this vision come to life.

Web Design Services for Michigan and World Wide

When it comes to web design, we can do just about anything… including:

Visual Design

Website concepts, interface design, mobile websites, and Facebook fan page design


Usability testing and audits, information architecture, interaction design, labeling

Custom Functionality

E-commerce, Content Management (WordPress, Drupal,and SilverStripe), social media integration

Security & Maintenance

Software updates, security audits, hacked website recovery, site transitions, and backups.

Web Strategy

Analytics, strategy, competitive analysis, search engine optimization, and pay per click.

Previous Work