3.7 DESIGNS - Web Consultancy

Projects From The 3.7 Workshop

From time to time we develop tools for web design and development that improve our process and efficiency. Rather than being greedy bastards and keeping them to ourselves we offer them up for use.

All of our projects are completely open source. Feel free to use them however you see fit provided you don’t repackage or sell them for profit. If you have any questions, improvements or ideas we would love to hear them.

Project Status

A responsive visual project tracker which shows percentage of completion, major milestones, current tasks and holds and project dates.

Mockup Present

Presenting your web design mockups in an efficient way has always been difficult. The problem with printing them out or simply sending JPG’s via e-mail is that it isn’t an accurate representation of what the design will actually look like with in a browser. The solution is to code them into an HTML document and let the client view and review them online. This has always been more time consuming and clunky than it should be.

Mockup Present fixes this by providing a framework for easy navigation, integration and coding.

Photoshop Grid

A Simple 960px grid template for photoshop that easily allows you to divide up columns, see where the fold area is and ensure that you realize that the view port may be different for different monitors.